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Guest Speakers and More

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  Below are recordings of guest speakers and sundry recordings I have in my personal collection. Naturally I might not agree with some things they might say. My posting of these recordings does not necessarily mean I support certain teachings they may have.

Rev. Hobart Grazier

(Brother Hobart Grazier was a professor at Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), Green Lane, Pennsylvania.)
Deity of Christ, The - Grab a notebook and pen and come back with me to our Systematic Theology II class taught by brother Hobart Grazier! From the start to the closing bell you will here brother Grazier present proof after proof that Jesus Christ is God as shown by the grammar of the Greek New Testament (The New Testament was originally written in Greek.).
Romans 8:1-16, recorded January 1974, Romans-Galatians class, NBI
Romans 8:16-18, recorded January 1974, Romans-Galatians class, NBI
Romans 8:16-26, recorded January 1974, Romans-Galatians class, NBI

Brothers Gene Harper and Reese Hurley

Brother John McCullough Jr.

Ten Proofs Of God's Love, delivered by brother McCullough, a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Cambridge, MD, to a gathering of Cornerstone Assembly on February 14, 2013, at Redeemer Presbyterian's Stewart Hall. The occasion was our annual Agape Fest. 1:01:19

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