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Rest assured that there were no contradictions in the written Word of God in the originals. However, there are many alleged contradictions, misquotes, and misunderstandings that currently circulate. So these numerous links you find on this page do not mean there are a lot of problems with the Holy Bible. There is just plenty of misinformation circulating. Most, if not all, of my articles are based on the ancient texts of God's Word. For clarity, there will be many times I will refer to certain translations. My responses are based upon the ancient texts and solid principles of hermeneutics.
    While there are numerous apologetical sites on the Internet, some are way too technical for the average person, some attempt to prove teachings by unsound means, and some are just not of good and trustworthy quality. The following links will point you either to a whole article, or a section of an article, and open a new window or tab in your browser. Please give ample time for those links that point to a section of an article to find its anchor. From time to time we will also list articles from other ministries. Such links will be noted as "(External)," and while we might agree with the particular article that the link points to, we might not be in agreement with other information listed on that site, nor would we necessarily agree with any advertisements.

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Holy Bible Basics

While some of this is not directly about apologetics, the information provided here lays the groundwork for many of the replies in apologetics.
Amplified Bible, The
Connection between us and the Holy Bible
Contemporary English Version
Given by God
Holy May Not Mean Holy
Inspiration-- God-breathed
Interpretation Of
King James 3, The
King James Version, The
Loving instructions from God
Main purpose of the Holy Bible
Nature of the Holy Bible
New American Standard Bible, The
New International Version (NIV), The
New King James, The
New World Translation, The
Purpose of the Holy Bible
Reasons For New Translations
Recommended Translations / Versions
Revised Standard Version, The
Spiritually dynamic
Term "Holy Bible" - Why I rarely just say "Bible"
Translations / Versions To Use Wisely, With Caution, Or Even To Avoid
Young's Literal Translation

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The Holy Bible

God's Word Remains Unchanged
Lives changed by the Holy Bible
Not a textbook on science, but is without error when it touches upon science
Not Mythological (brief statement)
Old Testament is not inferior to the New Testament
Primary definition of the term, "Holy Bible"
Proofs that the Holy Bible is the Word of God
Prophecies are fulfilled
Without error when written

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Selected Passages

Acts 9:7 cp 22:9
Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 See paragraph "C" under "Context," the third paragraph under "Unity of Scripture," and the Human Author's Purpose for Writing
Galatians 6:2 cp 6:5
John 20:23, application of
Matthew 13:32 and Mark 4:31 (Christ on the size of a mustard seed)
Mark 13:32 (Christ not knowing when He would return)
Mark 14:30 et al-- Did The Cock Crow Once Or Twice?
Mark 16:17-18 in regard to picking up poisonous snakes
Matthew 16:28 See paragraph "B" under "Context" Some would not see death until they saw the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom
Proverbs 26:4-5
Psalm 37:25 - Debunking the hyper-faith view of - See the third paragraph under Consider The Source And Circumstances Of A Statement Made

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Selected Subjects

Catholic Doctrine And Practice

Confession / Confessors / Confessional, the
Confession: Response to Catholic defense of
Confession of sins, history of
Joseph - proof that Catholicism considers him a mediator and intercessor
Mary and other departed saints are not mediators nor heavenly intercessors
Mary - proof that Catholicism considers her a mediator and intercessor


Christ not knowing when He would return
Deity, Importance of
Deity Of Proved By The Attributes Of God
Eight Passages That Plainly Show The Deity Of Christ Passages include, John 8:58,   John 20:28,   1 John 5:20,   Colossians 1:16,   Colossians 2:9,   Isaiah 9:6,   Zechariah 12:10,   Revelation 1:17
"Firstborn" (prOtotokos) and the JWs. (External)
Immutability of in regard to His birth, suffering, dying on the cross, etc.
Only heavenly intercessor
Only mediator


Tactics of, Switching versions is one of the


Definition of
Existence After
How Some Attempt To Wiggle Away From The Truth Of Existence After Death
No Verses To Show Nonexistence
Two Deaths


Faith-True faith is not blind faith (in regard to the Holy Bible).

General Topics

144,000 , The |||| God willing to be republished soon.
Canaanites-- Does the Holy Bible say the Canaanites were "wiped out"?
Choice, The ability to have a
Intercession and the departed saints
Shame, Is It Wrong For A Christian To


Is Not A Magic Wand

Holy Spirit

Deity of
Direct connection with God
Divine work of
Personal Expression of



Meaning Of Certain Greek Words, Selected Grammatical Points


Pentecostal Experience

Nine Fallacies About Speaking In Tongues Along with some helpful information to give you a an understanding of this experience, this article addresses the following falsehoods: 1. Speaking In Tongues Is Not for Every Christian; 2. Every Christian Must Speak in Tongues; 3. Speaking in Tongues is not for Today; 4. If Someone Speaks in Tongues This is a Sign They are a Christian; 5. One Must Always Follow the Rules as Set Forth in 1 Corinthians 14; 6. It Was A Miracle Of Hearing and Not Speaking; 7. They Spoke In Languages They Already Knew; 8. Tongues Must Always Be Interpreted; 9. A Christian May Speak in Tongues, But Not in Church

Soul, The

Definition of the Hebrew word for "Soul"
Immortality of / Immortal

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Did God Die?
Exclusive Attributes Of
Exclusive Attributes Of
Egotist, God is not an (in regard to praise)
Egotist, God is not an (in regard to reigning forever)
The Trinity
Subordination Within The Godhead

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