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I can't remember which one of my three sons, or which two or whether it was all three, got me interested in the Internet and computers, but somewhere in 1997 I got my first taste of the cyber-world and realized its potential to help spread the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. In essence, "Gospel" means good news and Jesus Christ and His saving work is most certainly good news, bringing positive results not just for one's spirit, but soul, mind and body.

An opportunity arose in 2007 to consolidate my Internet outreaches and with the Lord's help I established this web site in May 2008 for that purpose.

A new branch of my ministry was started toward the end of 2014 and it deals with APOLOGETICS. Please see my Apologetics Index and my online blog, The Sure Word.

Please see "Ask Brother Pete," where I post Biblical answers, or links to Biblical answers, to questions that I have been asked in forums, on the street, and in church. You can also send me questions at,

Please see my list of pages dealing with the mind and also the human body.

Audio Resources Are Now Available

In dealing with the soul and spirit, below you will find a list of my ministry sites, and pages on other locations dealing with the following:

Demons | Depression and Sadness | Finances |General | Prayer | SALVATION
Marriage has its own department on this site.


Demons: Real, Ravaging, and What You Can Do About Them

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Depression and Sadness

When The Holidays Hurt

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A Little-known Element for Endurance in Marriage

14 Christian Alternatives to MySpace

Is Polygamy Right In the Eyes of God?

Motherhood That Presses on

Zechariah: Dynamic Fatherhood

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Five Biblical Principles for Economically Tough Times

The Economy, You, and God

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A Brief Look at the Second Best Known Verse of the Bible

Calling All Born-again Christian Writers

Did Christ Name Barack Obama as The Antichrist?

Stressed? Go Fly a Kite

Is It A Sin?

Is Something Eating Up Your Spiritual Hard Drive?

Needy Children Get Help at Tuni Orphanage

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Five Reasons to Thank God When You Feel There is Nothing to Thank Him for

Prayers That God Hears

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Avoid Hell

Avoid The Collision: Climb

Predestination: To be Damned or Not to be Damned

Salvation Thoughts Upon The Adoption of Malachi Macinta

Salvation Thoughts Upon The Arrival of Keaton Macinta

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General List of Ministry Web Sites

Bro. Pete's Oasis of Hope
This is the oldest of my ministry sites, originally hosted by the original Geocities (how I miss the original!). However, at some point, sad to say, Yahoo! purchased Geocities. Later, sometime in December 2003, Yahoo! removed my site alleging I had violated their terms of service (TOS). Despite numerous contacts and emails on my part, Yahoo! never explained exactly in what way I had violated their TOS. Nonetheless, the Oasis was revived on In fact it became fully operational on January 25, 2004. 34 years before that, I had accepted Christ into my heart. January 25 is my spiritual birthday. However, Bravehost ceased free hosting for FTP users so the site is now located at There you will find many helpful pages my Oasis, dealing with marriage, depression, salvation, self-esteem, forgiveness and much more!

Heavenly Realms
This site at Tripod may contain some items already on my Oasis, however, it also has a devotional on the holy anointing oil along with FAQs on the Holy Spirit and a page on the fact that God gave pets, among other things.

Macinta Ministries
At this site is a description of my ministry along with devotionals and commentary. Bible GemLights, which I felt led of God to start in the summer of 2007, were originally uploaded to that site. Devotionals published after September 1, 2008 are located here at Brother Pete's Sapphire Streams, while those before that time may be found at my Macinta Ministries Web Site

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