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Holy Bible Interpretation Index (Hermeneutics)

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These articles are generally based upon Protestant Biblical Interpretation by Bernard Ramm (Boston: W. A. Wilde, 1956). The article, Special Principles, also contains material from Principles of Bible Interpretation (publisher, location of publisher, date are unknown) by Walter Beuttler. For a brief summary statement on hermeneutics please visit here.

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Foundational Principles | General Principles | Deductive Principles | Special Principles

The following links will point you either to a whole article, or a section of an article, and open a new window or tab in your browser. Please give ample time for those links that point to a section of an article to find its anchor. NOTE: For any entry marked "(TRIOND)," the page might have to be reloaded a few times, and please excuse the advertisements.s.

Foundational Principles

The entire article on Foundational Principles

Clear Your Mind
Holy Spirit, Guidance By The
Meanings Of The Words Used As Defined In Their Times, Go By The
Personally Know God The Author
Prayer, Be Active In
Recognize Our Limits
Reliable Translation, Use A

General Principles

The entire article on General Principles

External data to be considered
God's ways, not man's ways
Purpose of the human author
Reference of address
Scripture Interprets Scripture
Source and circumstances must be considered
Unity Of Scripture

Deductive Principles

The entire article on Deductive Principles

Accommodation in Method
Grammar of the Language
Literal Interpretation Predominates
Original Language
Progressive Revelation
Record And Command
Usage by Human Author

Special Principles

The entire article on Special Principles

Accommodation in Presentation
Figures Of Speech
Parables and Allegories
The entire article on Special Principles

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