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Download Page for
Pete and Dorcas Macinta's
2016 Calendar

Skip the instructions. I know what I am doing.

We invite you to download our calendar for 2016. You can do this in two ways. If the calendar appears too small in your browser, there may be a magnifying option with your cursor that you can use to enlarge it.

Click on the link below and another window will pop up with our calendar. If the window fails to open, copy or remember these instructions and click the link that indicates "open in this window."

Go to the window with the calendar and either left mouse click on "file" or right mouse click on the calendar itself.

Clicking On "File"

Once you click on "file," hopefully you will see the option for page set up or print preview. If you have those options, select one of those and set all margins to .3 inches if possible, at least .2 . If you find the option that says fit on one page or 1 X 1 select that. Click OK.

Before printing, select printer options. If you are not using color ink, then see if your printer offers an option to print in grayscale. If it does not, then it might not matter all that much.

Check to see, if the software lets you, if you are about to print only one page. The calendar should print on only one 8 X 10 page. If it is not stating 1 page, if there is an option to define how many pages select that and type in 1 in each box on either side of the word "to" (1 to 1 pages). If that option is not there and it indicates more than 1 page is about to print, recheck your settings in the previous steps, making adjustments as need be.

Click "OK" to print.

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For a Right Mouse Click on the Calendar Itself

Move your cursor over any portion of the calendar except for the advertisements (the area of any advertisement might be hyper-linked) and right mouse click. Then, with a left mouse click select "save image (or object)" or "save image (or object) as."

A small window will open and you should see the file name as "Cal16.jpg" or "Cal16gs.jpg" depending upon your choice. Select a location inside of your computer to store the file then click save.

Go to the place that you stored the calendar and click the file name. Depending what program is associated with .jpg files you most likely will see "file" in the upper left hand corner. Follow the instructions above for clicking on file.

If there is no option in the program to select print, open the calendar in "Paint" and follow the above instructions for clicking on file.

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Our 2016 Calendar In COLOR For You!

Our 2016 Calendar In COLOR For You! -Open In This Window


Our 2016 Calendar In GRAYSCALE For You!

Our 2016 Calendar In GRAYSCALE For You! -Open In This Window

May God richly bless you
Peter P. and Dorcas L. Macinta

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